Marquee Light Up Frame

Q: Can I use these marquee light up letters/numbers for outdoor events?

A: It is not suggested to use for outdoor event. They are ideal for indoor event due to light weight. However, if you do decide to use them outdoors, it is crucial to avoid doing so on windy or rainy days. Additionally, to ensure stability, consider adding weight to the back support of the letters.

 Q: Should I set up marquee letter a couple days before my event?

A: Yes, we suggest setting up several days before the event. If there're problems, reach out to us so we can help you before the event day.

  Q: How to keep marquee stable?

A: Our 3FT tall marquee letter comes with dual back supports. After setting up the letter, simply snap the back support to the pre-cut slots. Please make sure to hot glue the slot for extra reinforcement.


Mosaic Balloon Frame

 Q: Do you included balloons with mosaic balloon frame?

A: No, Balloons are not included in our mosaic number frame pre-cut kit.

 Q: How many balloons do you need to complete a mosaic sculpture?

A: For 3ft mosaic balloon frame, we suggest at least 20 to 50 balloons for one numbers. For 4ft mosaic balloon frame, we suggest at least 50-100 balloons.

 Q: What size of balloon should I use?

A: We recommend using a combination of 5" & 12" latex balloons. Creativity is endless, you can add latex/foil balloons, paper flowers or push up light to create marquee numbers.

 Q: Does the mosaic frame stand on their own?

A: All 3FT and 4FT Mosaic Balloon Frame will stand on it's own. 4FT Mosaic Balloon Frame come with back support which will be an extra bonus support. 

 Q: Do I need to assemble the mosaic frame?

A: The mosaics do not come fully assembled. Each package includes base and side pieces needed to assemble your balloon mosaic.

 Q: What is the mosaic frame made out of?

A: Mosaic balloon frames are made out of 100% firm Foam Board. 

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